The Story

In this world, populated by hyper-intelligent animal races, there exists a legend of a group of powerful Yenas tasked with protecting the world: The Guardians. Though they once kept this dangerous world in balance many years ago, the ancient protectors now are thought to be gone after a massive battle with great evil. Now, without them, the diabolical forces are beginning to orchestrate their next strike. Vutni, a young Red Yena, lives his life with relative peace in a small Yenic community, trying to grow up despite the feeling of being an outcast. However, he begins to notice changes not only in the world around him and the place he calls home, but within himself as well. Pieces of an eons-long puzzle are starting to fit together, and the world as Vutni knows it is in danger of succumbing to insidious, dark forces, heralded by the rise of a ruthless emperor… and Vutni may be closer linked to the Guardians than once thought. With these newfound powers and sense of purpose, he must traverse the vast, unpredictable world with his closest friends, meeting more allies along the way in the most unexpected places.

In this world, the primary species are creatures known as Yenas. They are hyper-intelligent, huge, and the ultimate apex predator. Descended from what we might commonly know as spotted hyenas, there are two distinct races of Yena: Red and Grey.

Red Yenas are the fluffy, brighter colored species of Yena that live in the mountains and dense, wet rainforests. They're known to be the more creative of the Yena subspecies, specializing in textiles, metalwork, and other forms of art. They tend to be more solitary and individualistic, and are known to be deeply introspective and philosophical in nature.

Grey Yenas are the shorter-furred Yena species that lives in mild, warm climates. They're the more institutional of the two Yena subspecies and their culture is more structured. They're known to be particularly astute and scholarly, with many of their race being renowned scientists and theorists. Though they are still the same species and share many similarities, the different Yena races have many differences in culture, language, and physical attributes.

However, there are more than Yenas in the world; you will encounter exotic, diverse, and unique civilizations through your travels. Yotes are a nomadic bipedal canine race, known for their swiftness, wits, and chaotic, mischievous nature. They're pinned often for thieves and scoundrels. They're the smallest of any of the sentient races, but also the most agile and quick-footed.

Gnolls are a desert-dwelling bipedal hyena race, known for their Spartan-like warrior spirit and competitive culture. They are matriarchal, female-dominated, and incredibly strong - both physically and in their character. They're fiercely loyal to their clan and will defend the honor of their community at all costs.

And finally, there are Tsayos, an androgynous feline taur race that lives in the upper branches of the forests. They're known for their archery skills, advanced botanical knowledge, and alchemy. They worship and have the utmost respect for the natural world around them.

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